Bedard: Ranking the AFC East (Offense) – Patriots fall dramatically behind Bills with little in pipeline

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(Adam Richins for BSJ)

Way back in April ... before the draft and before Covid opt-outs, we broke down the personnel among the AFC East teams by offensive and defensive positions.

At the time, it looked to us like the Patriots and Bills (slight edge) were fairly even offensively (that was with Jarrett Stidham being the worst QB in the division due to his lack of experience), but New England had a decided advantage on defense to hold a decent overall lead heading into the season.

Between the draft and personnel changes, a lot has changed.

And it hasn't been good for the Patriots, especially on offense.

Sure, it's obvious for everyone to see that the Bills are more talented on offense. The more startling thing comes when you really break it down: the Patriots are way behind, specifically at the skill positions where points come from (a great offensive line can really only do so much) and there's little hope on the roster for them to make up much ground next year.

So it's a good thing the Patriots have some $80 million in cap space, because Bill Belichick is going to need it ... if he even wants to spend it on offense, where he has been going bargain-basement shopping for years.

A breakdown of exactly where the Patriots stand compared to the new Kings of the East, the Buffalo Bills, and the hard-charging Miami Dolphins: