Kyrie Irving rightfully vents about speculation swirling around Kevin Durant video

(Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

MILWAUKEE -- The rumor mill keeps following around Kyrie Irving and the All-Star point guard has had about enough of it. In the wake of an Instagram video making the rounds that showed Irving chatting with Kevin Durant before the All-Star game on Sunday, speculation had been swirled about the topic of that conversation and whether the two were discussing teaming up this summer in New York with Irving potentially saying "two max slots" in one part of the recording.

When asked about the video surfacing at Wednesday’s practice at Marquette University, Irving did not hold back in venting his frustration about the fodder in a heated exchange with the media at practice.

“What does that matter to me?” Irving said of the speculation. “Somebody who was -- I don’t have a private life when I’m out there in the NBA. Somebody wants to take a video and, I mean, it is what it is. Pour water on it? I’m a human being talking to another best friend of mine. Like, it’s just crazy. This is the stuff that just doesn’t make the league fun. Like, it doesn’t make the league fun. Nobody helps promote the league even more by doing bullshit like that, of just fictitious putting things on what we’re talking about. It’s just, it’s crazy. I guess that’s what you wanted, huh?”

When pressed about whether he wanted to make a statement to "cool off" the speculation about the conversation, Irving remained defensive.

“Is the internet real for you in your life?” Irving asked. “It’s my life, right? It’s two people talking, having a conversation. If this was the real world would it be anybody else’s business? But it’s a video of somebody assuming what we’re talking about, right? Making an opinion about it. So why would I care about it? Why does that have an impact on my life? Why are you asking me those types of questions? About cooling it off? For what? I don’t get it.”

He continued speaking later about his annoyance with the hysteria on social media about a private moment with a friend and whether he wanted to ‘pour cold water’ on the hypothetical free agent conversation topics with Durant.

“What I do with my life is my business,” Irving said. “So it’s none of yours, it’s not anybody’s business, right? So it’s a video of me and one of my best friends talking, and then it turns out to be a dissection of a free agency meeting? Do you get that? Like, do you get that? And then I’m asked questions about it? That’s what disconnects me from all that shit. Like, because I have no connection to that. Over a video? I’m asked a question about the fans, and you brought up the fans? Come on man. You do it for the likes and clicks. Everybody does. Everybody wants to hear me talk like this. Everybody wants to hear an athlete talk about bullshit like this. A video though? To pour water on it? It makes no sense. It just makes no sense. It’s not real life.”

BSJ Analysis: Much like Irving’s comments about free agency in New York, this latest outburst stands to do little to end the guesswork swirling around the future of the point guard.