Bedard: Patriots should be thankful for Brady’s Bucs title run because Belichick has to answer now

(Getty Images)

It's funny, really.

The final stanza of Tom Brady's career — both his Patriots exit and revitalized play that may never end at this rate — started with the drafting of Jimmy Garoppolo by Bill Belichick in 2014 as questions started about whether or not Brady was in decline.

"We know what Tom’s age and contract situation is," Belichick said.

Brady didn't like it, but you can make the argument that Brady may not have accomplished all he did in the subsequent years without the drafting of Garoppolo, especially in terms of Brady's body and arm. There's nothing bad about that. Sometimes we all need a little goose and motivation to kick us into another gear.

Maybe, just maybe, Brady just Garoppolo'd Belichick.

What Brady did this season, leaving the Patriots and winning a Super Bowl with the Bucs in his first season is, first of all, an incredible accomplishment, especially at his age and with all 2020 had to offer. It's really unbelievable that he did it.

Secondly, Brady winning a Super Bowl with the Bucs is the equivalent of the Garoppolo pick: it serves notice to Belichick and puts him on the clock. That Brady and the Bucs are on the schedule to come to Gillette next season? Well, that just increases the pressure on Belichick even more.

Imagine Brady and Gronk, with the Krafts in their box, coming into Gillette and embarrassing Belichick and the Patriots.

Patriots fans who are more about the cloth than the Brady Bobos — if you were gleeful at what Brady did instead of just appreciative, you're really doing it out of spite to Belichick, who is now the defacto Patriots; I don't know how you can cheer for the Patriots and be staunchly anti-Belichick — should be thankful Brady has done this.