Bedard: Dormant Patriots offense should find better footing vs. Chargers (one would hope)

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(Getty Images)

It's Patriots offense bashing season.

In what seems like an annual event now — hopefully they'll be past this little two-year run after this season, right? — everyone takes aim at something. The QB. Josh McDaniels. The lack of weapons. Do they use tight ends anymore? GM Bill Belichick. Mick Lombardi (just kidding ... just wanted to see if you were still paying attention). The Ghost of Tom Brady.

Look, they deserve it. If the only team you can muster 30 points against since September is the winless Jets (30 on the nose), then there are issues on that side of the ball.

But the past two weeks, against old friend Romeo Crennel and the Texans, and the talented and aggressive Cardinals, you could understand the Patriots having at least some issues (not trusting Cam Newton to throw more than 7 yards is more than just some issue, we get it) with the offense.

But if that doesn't stop this week, against these Chargers, then holy moly, pack it up and get started on 2021. The Chargers, among other areas, rank near the bottom of many defensive categories: