Bedard’s Breakdown: Wouldn’t put Dalton Keene into TE box for Patriots – he might need a new one

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It would be easy, as most have, to pencil in Devin Asiasi and Dalton Keene as the Patriots' next double tight-end tandem of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.

Same draft class. Two different types of tight ends. 2010 ... welcome to 2020.

And, perhaps, it may indeed end up that way. Certainly, incumbents Matt LaCosse and Ryan Izzo don't appear to have bright, long-term futures in New England. Wouldn't take much to displace them. Quickly moving into a new era of tight ends for the Patriots makes a lot of sense.

But that would depend on the Patriots offense, directed by Josh McDaniels, to carry over the same blueprint and approach as the past decade. That could happen, sure. But the Patriots are anything but static. Just look at how the defense has morphed from a base 3-4 and zone coverage, to 4-3 scheme with man coverage, to the past two years where they were a hybrid with man coverage.

Almost all of the alterations they've made to the team over the years are dictated by the personnel. What can these guys do well, and how does that best fit to beat the next team on Sunday?

In that vein, I wouldn't count on the Patriots dusting off their Gronkowski and Hernandez gameplans for next season. Keene doesn't fit in a box ... he could create a new one and help take the Patriots offense in a different direction.

What does Keene bring to the table and why might that cause the Patriots to debut a new part of their offense this fall?