Bedard’s Breakdown: 9 plays show why TE Devin Asiasi could be Patriots’ most impactful draft pick

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There's not a whole lot of film available on the internet of Patriots third-round pick Devin Asiasi. Guess Chip Kelly's 4-8 Bruins weren't exactly must-see TV for most.

And, to be honest, what film was available ... wasn't very compelling. Asiasi looked like a mix between Jermaine Wiggins (undrafted by the Jets in 1999 but went on to average 62 catches for the Vikings after a stint with the Patriots) and Michael Hoomanawanui (fifth-round pick by the Rams in 2010).

Asiasi looks slow and plodding. There's nothing special in his route running. His blocking isn't great. Look for yourself against Washington State, No. 86 (there's a schemed-up TD at the end):

Could have called him Wiggy-awanui.

That can't be it. There has to be something more. There has to be a reason why the Patriots picked Asiasi 91st overall.

So I texted an NFL source who scouts the West for another NFL team.

"What did you think of Asiasi? He looks ... ok," I asked. "Not all that fast, fluid body, better after the catch, has upside because it doesn’t look like he’s been coached very well. What am I missing?"

The scout immediately called back: "You're not watching the right games. Hold on, let me send you some clips. You'll see it."

The clips, as you'll see below, are short and they're not exactly dazzling in their production for a bunch of different reasons — some are even mid-play — but I think they're good enough for you to get the gist:

Asiasi, while in many ways far from polished and a little bit of a project, is an exciting prospect who has a tantalizing upside.

Play 1