Miguel’s Mailbag: What the Patriots would need to do in order to trade for Stefon Diggs, A.J. Green or anyone else

NOTE: TE Benjamin Watson was not activated from the exempt list, so that frees up $1,973,529 in cap space. The Patriots now have about $3.7 million available.

"The God of victory is also God in failure. I gave my all, but it was not enough to earn a spot on the Patriots roster," Watson said in a Tweet. "I’m beyond disappointed but even more upset for my family who has supported me with all the love a husband and father could ask for. They are my heroes. Rom 8:28"

Miguel will have more on this in a bit.


Most of the questions I recently received on Twitter have been about the salary cap consequences for trading for a player.

Background: When a team trades for a player, it becomes responsible for paying the player's remaining salary and remaining bonuses if there are any. The player's signing bonus proration remains with his old team. Any incentives are re-evaluated. A trade this week means becoming responsible for paying the acquired player's salary for 13 weeks. A trade next week means becoming responsible for paying the acquired player's salary for 12 weeks. The trade deadline is 4 p.m., Tuesday, October 29. Please also note that the players are paid for 17 weeks during the season since they are paid during their bye week.

In order for the Patriots to acquire a player whose new cap number would be higher than the Patriots current cap space number of $2,881,550 — say, Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs — one of four things or a combination of the four would have to happen:

1.) Lower a current Patriot player's cap number by