NFL Season Preview: NFL season & playoff predictions, power rankings, award winners – Patriots edge out Brady’s Bucs

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Well, the day we were never quite sure would ever get here, has arrived...

The NFL season has arrived, as the Texans visit the Chiefs at 8:20 p.m. on NBC.

Now that teams are out of their own bubbles and flu season is soon to hit, we'll see what happens. Basically...

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We have fairly solid confidence the NFL will last the duration. Teams are basically their own bubbles during the season, and as long as the players can resist the urge to go out on the town, things should stay in good shape.

In that spirit, we offer our predictions for the entire season (you can do it yourself here), give our Week 1 rankings and dole out some awards.

The headlines:

  • Patriots get off to a 4-6 start but rebound to win the AFC East ... again;
  • Tom Brady and the Bucs don't go to the playoffs;
  • Lamar Jackson and the Ravens finally win a playoff game ... and maybe a few more

On with the show.