Bedard: Why not? A way, way, way too-early guess at the Patriots’ record that you can’t hold me to

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We're a ways off from when I make my pick it or stick it season predictions — those come on the eve of the regular season once I've seen the Patriots and the rest of the NFL on the field.

For entertainment purposes, here are my previous real BSJ predictions:

2019 Prediction: 13-3. Reality: 12-4. My excuse: Patriots had just acquired Antonio Brown. Belichick didn't tell us they were going to play offense with zero tight ends

2018 Prediction: 12-4. Reality: 11-5. My excuse: Belichick didn't tell us he was going to put Gronk back on that kickoff in Miami.

2017 Prediction: 14-2:  Reality: 13-3 (I also got Tom Brady NFL MVP as well). My excuse: I wasn't aware Stephon Gilmore was going to get spun around like a top vs. Carolina.

Since the schedule is out, might as well have a little fun and give our early look at how the 2020 Patriots will finish:

WEEK 1, Sept. 13th: Dolphins at Patriots, 1 p.m. 

Prediction: WIN (1-0).

Don't think Tua will be on the menu for this game, but the Dolphins have changed out too many people on both sides of the ball to get off to a fast start.

WEEK 2, Sept. 20th (Sunday Night): Patriots at Seattle, 8:20 p.m.