NHL Notebook: 50 years later, Bruins legends re-live and reflect on Bobby Orr’s memorable flight

(Staff by Ray Lussier/MediaNews Group/Boston Record American)

Harry Sinden doesn't need to look through the lens of Ray Lussier to re-live the afternoon of May 10, 1970.

He did have a front-row seat from the Bruins' bench, after all.

“I can actually recall at any moment at any time I want," the former coach and longtime Bruins executive said. "So I've looked at it a million times in my head.”

For those not among the lucky 14,000+ packed into a muggy Boston Garden that Sunday, the outpouring of joy and revelry that spilled out from the B's barn on to Causeway Street could only be encapsulated by a single photo — captured by Lussier a split-second after Boston captured its first Cup in 29 years.

The snapshot, that of a 22-year-0ld defenseman soaring through the air and into hockey immortality, may only be 50 years old, but it's as rooted into the fabric of this town as the cobblestones laid out upon Acorn Street centuries before — a revered relic mounted on the wall of every dive bar, watering hole and rink within the Commonwealth and beyond.

We've all seen the picture countless times over by now. Hell, most of you reading this might have a framed copy in your parlor already.

But for many, Lussier's photo of Bobby Orr's Cup-clinching goal in Game 4 of the 1970 Stanley Cup Final stands as the lone highlight from the B's triumph over the St. Louis Blues. Not too many remember what transpired over the two-plus hours before Derek Sanderson hit Orr in stride from behind the opposing net.

With this Mother's Day marking the 50th anniversary of the Bruins' fourth Stanley Cup title, a number of regulars on that roster took the time over the last week to document what transpired leading up to and during that memorable Sunday afternoon — a contest forever etched into the annals of Boston's rich sporting history, and the game of hockey itself.

Here are their stories: