Bedard’s Breakdown: How much was Tom Brady at fault for passing games woes? Not much

(Getty Images)

Everyone wants to know how much of the offensive woes in the loss to the Texans fell on Tom Brady, so let's go over the key plays, some with videos, and offer our amateur/semi-educated assessment.


3RD & 5 AT HST 5 (7:12) (Shotgun): T.Brady pass incomplete short middle to P.Dorsett.

It's true that under little pressure, Phillip Dorsett was open in the back of the end zone at the top of Brady's drop. Brady does not initially throw it and instead makes a strange movement, and throws late and high with no chance for a completion.

Brady obviously didn't anticipate Dorsett being that open initially as he first looked left, then to his right at Matt LaCosse and Julian Edelman. I don't mind that the pass was out of bounds. By the time Brady threw it, there was too much traffic in between to throw the ball on a line, and a soft pass might have been too late.

Why was Brady frustrated?