Bedard: Three plays show the problems with the Patriots offense and it’s not Tom Brady or Josh McDaniels

(Getty Images)

Have a feeling a good portion of Chiefs week will be Dump On Tom Brady week.

To be honest, some of it is deserved. He hasn't exactly rolled out the welcome mat to any of the new targets, be it N'Keal Harry, Jakobi Meyers or Matt LaCosse. Probably because he can't believe that's all Bill Belichick could muster for the offense, especially after Rob Gronkowski's own Shawshank Redemption, while the defense rolls three deep at each position.

And Brady wouldn't be wrong in feeling that way. In fact, it would be very accurate.

But that time is over. This is who they have for the rest of the season. That idiot-receiver-who-shall-not-be-named is not walking through that door, no matter how many Instagram emojis Brady throws out there.

The Patriots are rolling, boom or bust, with the law firm of Edelman, White & A Bunch Of Guys Who Can't Beat Man Coverage.

Yeah, Belichick's defense better throw up a bunch of donuts.

Basically, what I wrote last weekend holds even truer now: this is the worst collection of offensive talent the Patriots have had in the Second Ring Dynasty. Josh McDaniels, who is going to have to stick with the run more, will have to use Thick Fog & Mirrors.

But if the offense is to do enough to win a Super Bowl title, everyone's going to have to do more. Belichick. Brady. McDaniels. And the receivers.

Don't make excuses for them. Don't put this all on Brady.

Three plays showed where they are lacking, and what they need to overcome.