Bedard’s Breakdown: If the Patriots want to be all in on Antonio Brown, Phillip Dorsett should request a trade

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The Antonio Brown circus could end at any time, depending on what the NFL's investigation turns up.

Sure, I advocated for the Patriots to sign Brown if he became available. Of course, that was with me thinking the Patriots would have done a modicum of due diligence on the background of a troubled player before doing so. Silly of me to expect that without stating it. Considering some of their past missteps, that might be an area that needs improvement in the organization.

At this point, I'm kind of hoping the NFL turns something up and puts Brown on ice for the rest of the season. It's obvious his whole being is more than just being a childish diva — there is some serious deviant behavior and while he may be able to tamp that stuff down for a while, it's going to crop up at some point. Even if the NFL doesn't find quite enough evidence to place Brown on the exempt list, the ice he'll be skating on from this point forward will be thinner than the Charles in March.

Something is bound to give; this guy has the feel of a ticking time bomb. And the addition of Brown has taken the feeling around the team from the kind of squad you've enjoyed rooting for — most of the team has been together for multiple years and have basically built this together — to adding a little bit of disgust ... "Antonio just scored. Yay? I'm supposed to root for the guy who, at the least, either a) thinks it's OK to send those text messages to women, b) quit on his last two teams, c) respects other humans about as much as trash? Woo hoo! Stairway to Seven!"

None of it feels right. Even for the organization everyone else loves to hate, this seems like a Zakim bridge too far.

Not to mention, it's going to screw over Phillip Dorsett. Again. He dealt with it last year when Josh Gordon arrived and, if Brown continues to play, Dorsett is going to have to take a backseat again. This time, it's not right. The Patriots were desperate for Gordon last year so you could understand it a little bit, but they are not this time around.

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