Bedard: The Patriots should absolutely go after Antonio Brown if he’s available (but it’s unlikely to happen)

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FOXBOROUGH — The Patriots should not be in the business of acquiring malcontents and headaches from around the league.

They're too good, have accomplished too much and have too much of a good thing going with this group (three straight Super Bowl appearances, three titles in five years) to go down that road. Bill Belichick has proven over the years he's a threat to win it all with just about any roster that his GM alter ego serves up to him. The 2011 Patriots told us that much.

The Patriots didn't need Josh Gordon last season, and don't need his unreliability this year. Albert Haynesworth was a disaster. Aqib Talib didn't help them win a Super Bowl. Neither did Randy Moss.

So it would make sense for them to pass on Antonio Brown if he's released by the Raiders after threatening the general manager and going AWOL. The Patriots don't need that type to win a Super Bowl. They haven't won a Super Bowl recently with that type.

But Brown is different. The Patriots should absolutely go after him if he's available, although I doubt it would come to fruition.

Here's why it should happen, and why it probably won't (but I wouldn't rule it out).