NFL Notebook: 10 team-building questions for Patriots as draft weekend looms

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(Adam Richins/Boston Sports Journal)

In this week’s edition of the NFL Notebook, we get a status update on a Patriots’ defensive player who spent all last year on IR, ask Ryan Finley’s old offensive coordinator whether or not the former N.C. State signal-caller can be Tom Brady’s next backup, and check in with Kevin Faulk to get his take on whether or not the LSU roster has any guys who look like potential Patriots. But first, with the offseason roughly one-third done, we go through the New England depth chart and ask one question for each position.

1. With the bulk of free agency in the rearview mirror and the draft looming later this month, we wanted to ask one question per position, with a focus on where things stand at this point in the offseason.

Quarterback: Are they ever going to get around to extending Tom Brady’s deal? Granted, you don’t necessarily have to figure it out now, but it would certainly answer some questions about the long-term nucleus of the roster and square away some of the larger cap questions facing the franchise.

Running back: Is there a need to even add a body here, considering the fact the key players are (mostly) taken care of for the next couple of years? With the understanding they seem to turn over this position regularly, if they spot someone in the middle rounds they really like, it wouldn’t be a shock to see them pluck a mid-round running back and stash him for a year. (Think of how they found James White a few years ago.) But it’s not an overwhelming priority.

Offensive line: