How the Patriots could extend Tom Brady’s contract to free up cap space

(John Tlumacki/Globe Staff /Getty Images)

During Super Bowl week the Krafts assured Patriots fans Tom Brady will be a Patriot for the foreseeable future with this: "I think we've done an OK job keeping things together. We're blessed to have the GOATs at each of their positions, and our intent would be that they keep doing it."

That's great and all, but the fact remains that Brady has a $27-million cap hit for the 2019 season, almost double the amount of anyone else on the roster.

So, obviously, if Brady is going to remain the starter here for the foreseeable future, it would behoove the team to lower Brady's cap number to give the team more flexibility against the cap by giving him an extension. (That doesn't mean it will happen. It could have happened last offseason as well and didn't. Most teams — and Bill Belichick — don't take extending players in their 40s lightly.)

If the Patriots did give Brady an extension, what would it look like and how much cap space would free up for the team?

Let's take a look.