Bedard’s Breakdown: As regular season concludes, Tom Brady still not near his MVP level

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(Adam Richins for BSJ)

As I left the Gillette Stadium press box on Sunday night, I held the same opinion many of you did: Tom Brady finally looked like his old self after a four-touchdown performance in a 38-3 win over the Jets. Heck, Brady was even one of my Three Ups immediately after the game.

And, certainly, there were some things to feel good about, especially Brady throwing to eight different receivers and touchdowns to four of them. And the movement and throw on this touchdown to Phillip Dorsett.

And if you want to go by conventional stats, there was a lot there to feel good about. His passer rating of 133.8 was his highest since last November. Brady's 72.7 completion percentage was his third-highest of the season, as were his yards per attempt (7.58). And his adjusted yards per attempt (10.42) were a season high. So were the touchdowns.

But a dive into coaches' film led me in another direction. While Brady certainly had his moments where he flashed his usual high level of play, there were just as many examples of some of the issues that have plagued him this season. Namely, he's still not seeing the field like he normally does. And he's leaving plays out there.

That's fine against a Jets defense that finished 21st in efficiency (and was missing starters). It won't be good enough in the postseason to go the Super Bowl. This team needs a great quarterback. To this point, Brady has not been great.

I did not think I'd be writing this column leaving Gillette. Honestly, I don't like writing this column. It would be so much easier to write something where I highlighted how, even though it was the Jets, Brady was back to showing his greatness -- a tremendous sign for the Patriots heading into the postseason. But I have always been honest with you. And this is my honest assessment of Brady in this game. Am I right all the time? Heck no. If you want to disregard what I have to say, you're certainly entitled to do that. I'm just telling you what I see. You can do what you want with it.

Let's go through some of the issues I saw in this game that still make me uneasy about Brady heading into the playoffs:

This video breaks down a lot of them.