BSJ Exclusive: Tom Brady on offensive struggles, repetitions with Amendola and confidence in Hogan

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(Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

It's safe to say that it's been a while since we've seen the Patriots passing game struggle this late in the season as we approach Thanksgiving.

It bottomed out in the loss to the Titans, but there were signs it was coming in the wins over the Packers and Bills. This largely uncharted territory for the Patriots has everyone on the outside looking for answers.

Is it strictly personnel due to injuries? Has Tom Brady lost it? Is it an over-reliance on Josh Gordon?

In an exclusive conversation with that largely centered on some legitimate questions about his footwork and mechanics this season (more on that this week), Brady talked about repetitions with Danny Amendola, his trust level with Chris Hogan and whether or not he's reacting too much to pressure in the pocket. But Brady left little doubt where the issues with the Patriots reside — an inconsistency in personnel that has led the offense to be less precise than normal, which in turn has led the quarterback to have less conviction in where to deliver the ball.

But make no mistake, Brady has full confidence the Patriots will get where they need to be eventually.

"I don’t think I’m discouraged at all," Brady said last week. "I wish we were 10-0 but we’re not, we’re 7-3, we have our biggest games ahead of us. Hopefully, we can learn from what’s happened the last 10 weeks. Offensive football is about 11 guys being on the same page and I’m confident in what we’re doing … and executing well with emotion and energy and effort and building on those (factors) week after week. There’s a lot of things that we talk about as a team and we’re going to have to keep making progress in all that we’re doing.”

It's clear to this point that "11 guys" have not been on the same page, which has led to some spotty offensive execution. But sometimes it has been there.