BSJ Exclusive: ‘Frustration’ mounting as forgotten man Chris Hogan, passing offense scuffles

(Matthew J. Lee/Globe/Getty Images)

NASHVILLE — It was all building to this.

The Patriots had barely thrown Malcolm Butler's way most of the game. But early in the fourth quarter, this was a perfect opportunity. The route had been set up.

New England was trailing 27-10 and desperately needing a play to stay in the game as it faced fourth-and-6 at the Tennessee 42-yard line with 10:53 to play.

Chris Hogan sprinted off the line wide right of Brady, faked an out, and then continued up the field. It's exactly the type of double move Butler had bitten on going back to last season and -- wouldn't you know it? -- Butler bit again as Hogan sprinted wide open 10 feet in front of him.

Touchdown Patriots?

No, an incompletion to Julian Edelman, who had already been to the locker room with an injury, over the middle. Game over.

As the play concluded, Hogan looked to the heavens and screamed in frustration. It's been a common sight this season after Patriots' plays when Brady hasn't seen an open Hogan, who didn't deny his outward display of emotion.

"The frustration