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Patriots Camp Totals: Offensive 1-on-1s – Trent Brown, Joe Thuney reign supreme

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All the reps with a dummy quarterback and legendary line coach Dante Scarnecchia standing behind the defense holding up the snap count are over — at least from public view, as the Patriots have gone into regular-season practice mode.

So let's total up all the one-on-ones from camp, check out the final chart and give out a few awards — both good and bad.

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Trent Brown (14-2-4)

The guy was just unbelievable from the first two days of 1-on-1s (he went 4-0-0) to final four reps of camp as well, where he went undefeated. I went into this camp with serious doubts about him: If he was so good, why would the 49ers give him away? He's so tall and big that I bet he doesn't bend well at all. Those were quickly dismissed. I mean, this guy lost twice all of camp (both were decisive, so a little boom or bust) and he won or tied 90 percent of the time. He led all blockers with five decisive wins. That's unreal! Brown doesn't look much in his stance, but he moves very well and has light feet. Plus, he's extremely strong with his long arms. The second preseason game produced evidence of a possible chink in his armor, but if he continues to block in the season like he did in camp, then Brown is an upgrade over Nate Solder. I never thought we'd be talking about that possibility.


Joe Thuney (10-4-4)

Some people (ahem, Mazz) think Thuney "sucks," but he surely does not. He's not the most naturally talented or dominant guy in the world, but he's effective and is the team's most well-rounded guard. Good feet and he's gotten stronger. With Brown and Thuney on the left side, the Patriots are setup for a lot of success.


OT La'Adrian Waddle (13-6-1)

If you told me in late July Waddle would be the second-best tackle in camp, I would have said you're crazy. After an OK season last year, Waddle looked stronger and more fit this camp and has obviously taken Scar's teachings and put them to good use. He was just rock-solid at right tackle all of camp.

Runner-up: Ulrick John (12-7-1) — The Patriots are his fifth team since being a UDFA in 2014 so I wasn't expecting much. Now, with Isaiah Wynn's injury, John could be viewed as the favorite to take his spot on the roster.


OT Isaiah Wynn (3-7-5)

Looked promising, as he went 2-0-3 on the first two days of reps. But after missing a day with an injury, he went 1-7-2 the rest of the way. I think he was battling an injury most of camp, and that could have been a factor in his Achilles injury. But for a first-round pick to come in and be that ineffective — especially after his college film was so good — was a surprise. And not in a good way.

Runner-up: Shaq Mason (8-9-5) — If he wants to get paid like one of the best guards in the league this offseason, he better bring it in the pass-blocking department. Had made steady progress there until this camp.