Bedard’s Breakdown: Patriots put training wheels on the offense to start season prep

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(Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

The preparation for the 2018 season officially started for the Patriots' passing game with Thursday night's 37-20 win over the disinterested Eagles.

And judging from what happened in that game, they're evidently taking it with baby steps. Which is probably wise considering how much time Tom Brady has missed in camp (and the offseason) and how he really doesn't have much of a history with a lot of these guys.

So this was very much the training wheels gameplan from Josh McDaniel — except for one series, which we'll get into — and that was a smart approach.

Brady's final line was impressive and he had two plays — the touchdown to Chris Hogan, and the skinny post to Jacob Hollister — that were Brady-esque. But the headline from this game shouldn't be Brady is ready for the season. He's not quite there, and the offense is not.