Tracking Patriots contract incentives after Week 7

Brandin Cooks
(Adam Richins for BSJ)

A team's adjusted cap consists of three numbers:

  • League cap number
  • Prior year carryover adjustments for Likely To Be Earned (LTBE)/Not Likely To Be Earned (NLTBE) incentives
  • Adjustments for Likely To Be Earned (LTBE)/Not Likely To Be Earned (NLTBE) incentives. In 2017, the Patriots were debited a total of $1,006,553 against their 2017 adjusted cap number because of LTBE/NTLBE calculations.

The 2017 Patriots adjusted cap of $168,179,688 consists of $167,000,000 (league cap) plus $5,292,335 (rollover amount from 2016 season) plus $387,353 (LTBE/NTLE adjustment) and minus $4,500,000 (payback of 2012/2013 borrowed cap space).

In an attempt to give you the most accurate projections of the Patriots 2018 adjusted cap number and 2018 salary cap space number, I will track the Patriots '17 incentives. What has happened in the past is that other projections of the Patriots' cap space ignore the impact of incentives. Remember the 2015 offseason? Some were focusing on the $5,258,054 the Patriots had carried over from 2014, while neglecting that several Patriots, most notably Vince Wilfork, had earned NLTBE incentives to help the Patriots win their fourth Super Bowl.