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BSJ Daily Briefing 10.24.17: 3 months…

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(Adam Richins for BSJ)

Good morning!

A few thoughts while I try to figure out how to watch the Patriots' film since it was ruined by the fog:

  • Happy 3-month anniversary to BSJ and our loyal members! So far, so good on the Good Ship BSJ. We're at 5,706 members and counting. Page views: 3.141 million.
  • As always, we can't thank you enough for the support. You men and women are our lifeblood, and we appreciate you supporting a totally New England-based operation: we're owned here, pay taxes here, we're from here, we live here and we're here to stay. And we're not looking to bleed anyone dry.
  • I'm a fan of the Alex Cora signing, but how he fills out his coaching staff will be crucial, especially the bench coach. Usually there's a good cop/bad cop routine going on. Figure Cora will be a little more aligned with the players, which isn't a bad thing. Sometimes those guys can get the players to dig a little deeper, for him.
  • Not sure which team to root for in the World Series. Guess I'll go with the Astros. I just have a blast watching that team play. But Dave Roberts is managing the Dodgers...
  • Very impressive performance by the Eagles and QB Carson Wentz last night. But the Eagles always come back to Earth at some point. What we do know: there are no great NFL teams this season. Even the Patriots.

A few reminders:

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And away we go...


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