Red Sox

McAdam: Red Sox end road trip – and week – on a down note

(Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)

In the unlikely event that you needed a reminder of how quickly things can change in the game of baseball, consider the plight of the Red Sox in the past week.

When they won two hard-fought, low-scoring, well-pitched games in New York earlier, the wins seemed to provide the team with the stamp of early-season legitimacy. In the span of just over 24 hours in Queens, the Sox appeared to fix their biggest rotation worry and also demonstrated that they could beat the best starting pitcher in the sport.

Four days later, some of the shine has come off. Dropping three out of four games to the last-place Texas Rangers can do that to a club.

For as disciplined and tough as the Sox had looked at Citi Field, they came off as sloppy and ill-equipped to win close games late at Globe Light Field. Sunday's 5-3 loss was typical in that regard, resulting in the Sox coming home with their first series loss since their infamous sweep by Baltimore in the first three games of the season, and instead of a winning trip, which had seemed all-but-assured after New York, ended up with a .500 (3-3) trek.

If nothing else, Sunday's setback served a humbling reminder to the Sox that, for all the goodwill they've established, are not without their shortcomings and areas that need attention.

A familiar bugaboo raised its head in the early innings and there was the unmistakable impression that it would prove costly later. It did.