Karalis: Maybe it’s time to eat crow about Jabari Parker

(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

OK, so maybe I wasn't entirely ... completely ... 100% ... right about Jabari Parker.

When his signing was announced last Friday night, I went on a run of exaggerated tweeting about my confusion over the deal. I admit, I laid it on a little thick because the signing seemed so inconsequential.

Plus, you know, it was Friday night and the Celtics were off after beating the Lakers the night before. I had just settled in for a night of ESPN basketball and was ready to get my social media jokes off.

But it turns out that Parker might not just be a complete end-of-bench, break glass in case of emergency kind of guy. As we all roll our eyes at an injury report more never-ending than the breadsticks at Olive Garden, Parker has taken advantage of the opportunity to give the Boston Celtics 15 somewhat productive minutes off the bench.

So it's time eat some crow. Not the whole crow, mind you. Maybe, like, a wing. He’s still not going to take minutes away from the regulars when (if?) the team is fully healthy, but there might be some times where he gets the call over Grant Williams or Semi Ojeleye. 

“We're hoping that we can do with Jabari a little bit like we did with Evan Turner,” Danny Ainge said earlier in the day. “(Turner) was the number two pick in the draft and started his career out well and was without a place really and came into the Celtics and played very well for us and got himself a big contract with Portland Trail Blazers. So we’re hoping we can help Jabari and he can help us.”

So far, Parker has been able to keep things simple. Offensively, he's doing a fine job of making decent reads and playing off his new teammates. He and Marcus Smart have already been developing a little bit of chemistry.