BSJ Game Report: Celtics 111, Wizards 110 – Tatum’s heroics give C’s necessary difficult win

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Everything you need to know about the Celtics’ 111-110-112 win over the Washington Wizards with BSJ insight and analysis:

Box Score

Fourth-quarter execution: The Boston Celtics haven’t exactly been known for great fourth quarters, and this one wasn’t exactly a masterpiece either, but the Celtics executed late in the game to snatch an unlikely win. 

I think maybe we got a little bit back from the unlucky stuff in Dallas this week,” Brad Stevens said after the game. 

Jayson Tatum attacking and finishing two strong layups were the key to the win. The Celtics ran a play where Tatum had the option to pull from 3 or attack, and he smartly attacked when the Wizards overloaded at the arc. 

Kemba Walker looks more like himself: A lot of people wrote him off, but Walker carried the Celtics for long stretches and the fourth quarter started to turn back in Boston’s favor when he checked back in. 

Westbrook kept in check: Russell Westbrook scored 24 points but it took him 22 shots to do it and the Celtics did a good job keeping him off the rim. He has been attacking a lot lately, but the Celtics (and maybe the back-to-back) forced him to settle for 3’s instead of drive and kick. Mr. Triple Double only had four assists