Three plays to a W: Newton, Andrews work together at line; J. McCourty, Guy & Spence hold up; Winovich sets an edge

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(Adam Richins for BSJ)

Taking a closer look at three key Patriots plays from Sunday's win over the Cardinals, that include:

- Cam Newton nearly made a big mistake on the eventual 4th-down score by James White, but Newton caught himself and David Andrews told him he was right and set the stage for the plunge

- Jason McCourty's tackle set the stage, but Lawrence Guy and Akeem Spence to star on the goal-line stand.

- Chase Winovich held the edge while the Cardinals imploded on a huge third-down play to set up the Patriots' chance to win the game

Let's breakdown the plays with video analysis:

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4TH & 2 AT ARZ 7
(14:21) J.White right tackle for 7 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

This could have been a disaster, but they got it right in the end.