Podcast: Poke The Bear, Ep. 18 — Bruins fans have some hot takes in annual survey; when will 2021 NHL season begin?

Conor Ryan and Evan Marinofsky continue to break down the Boston Bruins' offseason on Episode 18 of the Poke the Bear Podcast.

In this episode, Conor and Evan discuss Channel Media & Market Research’s annual New England Sports Survey (featuring some hot takes from Bruins fans) and when we can expect the 2021 NHL season to begin:

4:00 - Updates on when the NHL could come back
9:00 - The New England Sports Survey had some interesting Bruins answers
11:00 - The Tuukka Rask hate doesn't make sense
21:00 - Bruins fans were VERY realistic when it came to adding players to their team
28:00 - Family emergencies come over a hockey game