Jakobi Meyers delivers game-changer with his arm in Patriots stunner

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(Adam Richins for BSJ)

Cam Newton called it a “tsunami.”

For Jakobi Meyers, the thrower, Sunday night's fierce concoction of wind and rain were the perfect storm at Gillette Stadium to unleash Bill Belichick’s newest weapon.

Meyers, in his pro passing debut, might as well have been channeling his inner TB12.

The New England Patriots receiver took a backwards pass from Newton, outside the left hash and arched a 24-yard bomb to the deep right corner of the end zone – straight into Rex Burkhead’s bread basket, putting the Patriots ahead for good in the stunner over the Baltimore Ravens.

“He can throw, I think you saw that. It was a pretty nice pass, and great catch by Rex,” said Belichick.

The double-pass placed the Patriots on a 13-10 lead, setting off a jarring charge under Baltimore, one from which the Ravens would not recover.

“It’s something we’ve practiced over the past couple weeks, I just never knew when it was going to come up,” said Meyers. “I’m surprised it came up during a rain game. I knew I had Rex out there. Rex is a playmaker, a former basketball player. I trust Rex. Put the ball in the sky, let him take a chance on the ball.

“I was throwing it regardless … When I saw the leverage he had, I knew I was giving him a chance.”

Meyers took a big shot on the play and hit the soaked turf, watching his rainbow strike gold in the end zone.

“I don’t even remember the hit, I was so ecstatic,” Meyers said. “After the play happened, I don’t even remember getting hit. I just know I was happy.”

This football team can be considered devoid of playmakers on both sides. Burkhead’s consistent solid play has helped hold things together. The emergence of Damien Harris at the lead back spot is another plus.

Meyers has been on a different level.

“It’s just trying to be a playmaker,” the former NC State QB said of the game-changer. “It’s football at the end of the day. I threw the ball as a little kid in the front yard before I was even a quarterback.

“I struggled in college, trying to get little receiver passes off. I think I probably went like 0 for 6 or something. For that to finally connect, for it to actually work out, it was a big moment for me.”

The Ravens have seen more than enough gimmick plays from Belichick over the years.

Fans in these parts still celebrate