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McAdam: Red Sox managerial search entering final stretch

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It would seem that the Red Sox are getting closer to naming a new manager. Just how "new'' remains to be seen.

In the last 24 hours, a number of candidates have been eliminated, numerous reports indicate. No longer in the running are Pirates bench coach Don Kelly, Marlins bench coach James Rowson and Yankees coach Carlos Mendoza.

That would, barring any last-minute candidates emerging, appear to leave the decision down to a choice between Sam Fuld and former manager Alex Cora.

From the perspective of the Red Sox organization, Cora is the clear favorite of both ownership and the players, both of whom would favor a reunion with their former manager. For a team desperately need of an image overhaul and improved public relations -- following a last-place finish and the trading of Mookie Betts -- Cora would provide a boost.

Cora, of course, is well-known to all. He managed the Sox in 2018-2019, leading them to a World Series win in his first season before a disappointing second season in which the Red Sox won just 84 games and finished in third place.

Months later, after an MLB investigation uncovered Cora's involvement with the Houston Astros 2017 sign-stealing in 2017, Cora and the Red Sox "mutually agreed'' part ways. Later, Major League Baseball suspended Cora for the entire 2020 season for his actions with the Astros. A second investigation into sign-stealing with the Red Sox in 2018 mostly absolved Cora of any wrongdoing.

Cora was eligible for reinstatement the day after the World Series concluded last week.

Cora was recently