Bedard: Patriots know well the ways to fluster Jimmy Garoppolo, just like the Dolphins did

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Being the Patriots, they will and have said all the right things about former teammate Jimmy Garoppolo.

"I think we all know Jimmy’s a quality player and can do all the things that a good quarterback needs to do," said Bill Belichick. "I don’t think there’s any question about his skill level and what he’s been able to accomplish and what their team’s been able to accomplish. We’ll be ready for his best. I’m sure we’ll get it. He does a lot of things well."

Said Devin McCourty:

“We know he can play football at a high level. ... I’m sure he’ll come in here Sunday ready to go against a team I would say he knows pretty well, just from his time sitting in meetings and on the practice field, when it comes to scheme and everything else.”

But the flip side of the coin is the Patriots know Garoppolo very well. So did the Dolphins, with coaches Brian Flores and Josh Boyer, and players Kyle Van Noy, Elandon Roberts and Eric Rowe. And guess what? The Dolphins stuffed Garoppolo in a locker by forcing him into a 15.7 passer rating, and forcing Kyle Shanahan to bench Garoppolo — and it had nothing to do with Garoppolo's ankle, which is the right one and not his plant foot.

How did they do it? By hitting on a few of Garoppolo's glaring weaknesses, which I also expect the Patriots to target on Sunday.

What are they?