NFL Notebook: Very few reasons for Patriots to rush into a Cam Newton extension, plus numbers that show Josh McDaniels’ role

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(Adam Richins for BSJ)

Since Cam Newton's monetary situation and future with the Patriots appear to be a popular topic after just two games — despite us getting clobbered back on Aug. 6 for saying the Patriots should do right by Newton and adjust his contract now (we still believe that and everything in that column) — we figured we ought to weigh in on the Extend Cam Now Campaign.

Outside of Newton loving life, never wanting to depart the sweet offensive bosom of Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichick and taking a steep discount — we're talking the Later Tom Brady Deals around $20ish million per season — then we are a firm no on making Newton some sort of megadeal to be the Patriots' next franchise quarterback for, say, the next five seasons.

And despite popular opinion, waiting until after a great 2020 campaign — which is far from a certainty given Newton's injury history and the fact that the Patriots appear destined to run and throw him into a brick wall to carry this wheezing offense every week — does not mean the price tag is going to go up for Newton. And he's not "going to get paid" stupid money by another team.

In case you haven't noticed, Bill Belichick — not Newton — holds all the cards right now.