Bedard: Why the Patriots don’t need Allen Robinson … if they believe in N’Keal Harry (maybe on OBJ)

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Apparently it doesn't matter who the quarterback is for the Patriots, or even if the team has played only one game, the most popular season in New England each fall is #WeaponzSzn.

Despite the season-opening win over the Dolphins on Sunday, Patriots fans wasted no time wanting more firepower come Monday and Tuesday.

Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. — on the annual wishlist when Tom Brady was here, and a workout buddy of Cam Newton — may be traded from the Browns, according to Mike Francesa.

Bears receiver Allen Robinson removed all references to the Bears from his social media and may or may not have requested a trade.

And Patriots Twitter was off, faster than any season with Brady.

So that's where we are. And it leads to some natural questions:

Should the Patriots be in the WR market?
Should they be interested in Beckham or Robinson?

We'll get into it, but here's the big takeaway: the Patriots should not be interested in Robinson ... not if they have any faith in N'Keal Harry.