Bedard: Should Patriots give Jadeveon Clowney a Revis-like deal to put defense over the top?

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As we've already seen with the Cam Newton signing, Bill Belichick and the Patriots are not afraid of thinking outside the box in order to compete this season.

Not that it's all that different than any other season. The Patriots look for competition on their roster and economic anomalies, and usually keep a measure of flexibility in case the two situations should meet.

Darrelle Revis' signing in 2014 was certainly an example of that. The best corner in the game decided to take shorter term (1 year, $12 million) with the Patriots, to pay off on the field and in his next contract. Revis, as he usually did in his career, won on both counts with a Super Bowl ring, and a three-year, $39-million contract with the Jets in the offseason.

Newton's looking to do the same with an even worse contract (just over $1 million base salary). That took care of the biggest question mark on offense — and whether it's Newton or Jarrett Stidham (if he beats out a healthy Newton) who takes the job, the Patriots should win either way.

Should they think about doing that on defense?

Newton was the last remaining franchise-type player on the offensive free-agent market.

Former Texans and Seahawks end Jadeveon Clowney is the last stud standing on the defensive side.

Would a deal make sense for both sides?