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McAdam: As MLB players and owners square off, it’s tough to root for either side

We live in divided times. Maybe you've noticed.

Whether it's politics or the current pandemic, everyone has a point of view and most are unafraid to share it.

So it stands to reason this would extend to the current logjam between major league owners and players. The two sides, who have a famously fractured history, can't seem to agree on how much the players should be paid should the 2020 season get underway.

Naturally, there are far more important issues facing us as a nation. But if we want the game to return, the two sides will need to find common ground and reach an agreement.

And in this hyper-partisan era, it's essential to pick a side. The current environment all but demands it.

Me? I keep humming the words to, "For What's It Worth":

There's battle lines being drawn/Nobody's right/If everybody's wrong.

Forced to choose between owners and players, I'm taking: C, none of the above.

It's not because I'm equivocating, or afraid to take a side. Rather, it's that neither part is making it easy to attract support. Watching millionaires fight with billionaires? Hard pass, thanks.

Let's take the players first.