Bedard: Belichick won’t elaborate on Brady, says there will be a QB competition

(Olindo Longo for BSJ)

Bill Belichick made his first comments to the media since the conclusion of the season — and since Tom Brady went to the Buccaneers — to talk about the draft.

Belichick made it pretty clear early on that he wasn't going to be discussing Brady very much. And he held true to that.

"At the start of free agency, I made a statement about Tom," Belichick said. "It would be of course impossible to sum up everything that Tom did in 20 years into a comment, then or now, but I meant everything I said about him and I’m sure we’ll be talking about him for years and decades to come. For right now, we’re moving forward and focused on the draft here for this call, and that’s really where our attention has been and will continue to be is to put the best team [together] in 2020, to do all we can between now and the start of the season. Our preparation is to have our team in the best position to compete in 2020."

He later shot down a good effort by Mike Giardi:

Q: Did you guys have a desire to bring Tom Brady back this coming season?

BB: Yeah, that’s water under the bridge, Mike. Like I said, we’re really focused on this season and trying to look at our opportunities and make decisions and plan and prepare to be as competitive as we can be this year. So, that’s really what our focus is on.

Q: Did it surprise you at all, him leaving?

BB: Again, I think we’ve covered all that.

But there were a few notable portions of the conference call:

With the draft changes this year, Belichick is learning to MyFace and InstaChat...

"Still have some work to do in that area in terms of just seeing exactly how everything’s going to function. We’ve talked about it and have an idea, but we’ll actually put it into place early next week and just see exactly how it’s going to go. But, I’m sure that it’s all well thought out and organized from a league standpoint, and we’ll just do our part when we’re involved in the process.

"... I’m certainly better at (the technology) than I was four weeks ago. I mean, I didn’t know what half of this was. But, at least now I can do more than I did, let’s put it that way. So, I get a little better every day – learn a new button or learn a new thing to click on and see what trick that does. ... Dan Famosi has done a tremendous job for us because he’s had to navigate a lot of this. I mean, there’s the coaching side of it, there’s the scouting, there’s the playbook and preparing for the offseason program side of it, meetings and so forth. Just to be able to deal with so many people that are – some are very proficient at some of the things we’re doing, and others, like myself, are remedial. And so putting things together on a lot of different levels for multiple groups and interactions that cross over different connections and needs and ‘can we do this with this type of meeting and this kind of conversation and can we do something else’ – you know, some are one-on-ones, some it’s five people, 10 people, 20 people, and we’re preparing for larger groups than that. So, there really are a lot of moving parts, and Dan’s done a tremendous job for us and tried to pull a lot of things together and remotely help out people like me that need a lot of help.

Belichick seemed to be OK with the Sanu trade...