Looking back at Brad Marchand’s most memorable chirps as NHL’s reigning best (and worst) trash talker

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For the second straight season, Brad Marchand found himself in some rare company in the NHLPA’s anonymous players poll — joining Sidney Crosby as one of just two players to snag first place in multiple categories. 

Of course, Crosby’s on-ice accolades might be a bit more esteemed in the wide-ranging study — with the Pittsburgh pivot leading the pack in voting for most complete forward (45.56% of the vote) and player you’d want if you needed to win one game (44.03%).

Marchand’s honors might have been on the opposite end of the spectrum, but they were very much on-brand for a player that’s made a living off of being the fly in the ointment of the opposition.

After earning the title of the league’s best and worst trash talker during the 2018-19 season, Marchand repeated the feat in 2019-20 — winning 25.87% of the vote for the top chirper, to go along with 10.59% of the vote for the worst in the NHL. 

Last season, Marchand was happy to accept such a unique honor, although he did admit he needed to polish up on some of his chirps going forward.

“A little disappointed about the worst trash talker, but I mean, you can’t be on every time, right? You’re going to have a couple fails,” Marchand said  “But it’s an honor and a privilege. Just want to thank everyone around the league for dealing with me. It’s been fun.”

Marchand’s verbal barbs often pale in comparison to the damage the star winger regularly dishes out when decimating opposing defenses — but even in his 11th season with Boston, the “Little Ball of Hate” still has plenty of creative chirps ready to drop. 

Here's a look back at some of Marchand's most memorable insults, antics and troll jobs from the 2019-20 season, as well as from earlier in his career.

Giving the Toronto crowd some love — Nov. 15, 2019

Marchand and the Bruins have been the bane of many Maple Leafs fans' existence for the best decade now — and the 2019-20 campaign appeared to be more of the same old painful narrative for Toronto. After scoring two goals in Boston's 4-2 win over the Leafs up at Scotiabank Arena back November, Marchand was awarded a "Player of the Game" accolade from Hall of Famer Lanny McDonald — as the Original Six matchup featured a pregame ceremony with the latest Hockey Hall of Fame inductees.

Wanting to spread the love to a Toronto crowd that hasn't seen a trophy since 1967, Marchand took a victory lap around Scotiabank Arena with his new piece of hardware — raising it high for the unimpressed conglomeration of remaining Leafs fans.

Just a masterful troll job.

Marchand makes Justin Williams lose it - May 12, 2019

The Bruins made quick work of the Carolina Hurricanes during the 2019 Eastern Conference Final — besting the “Bunch of Jerks” in a four-game sweep.

What could have been a pretty intriguing matchup between an established hockey power and an upstart, tremendously skilled ‘Canes team was snuffed out rather quickly — with Boston taking Games 1 & 2 at TD Garden by a combined score of 11-4.

In Game 2, with Boston already up 3-0 in the second period, Marchand helped provide the nail in the coffin by bugging the crap out of Carolina captain Justin Williams. 

After getting knocked down by Marchand’s stick after releasing the puck, Williams — predictably irate about the lack of a call — grabbed the strap on Marchand’s helmet and ripped it open.

Ultimately, only Williams was whistled for the infraction, with Marchand slyly pointing Williams over the penalty box — taunting the captain with a “C” on the front of his jersey for getting caught taking a retaliatory penalty in a playoff game.

Matt Grzelcyk ultimately scored on the following power-play sequence to put Boston on a clear path toward an eventual 6-2 victory.

Marchand attempts to steal Robby Fabbri - Feb. 15, 2020

Just ahead of the 2020 NHL trade deadline, Marchand attempt to pull off a mid-game deal of his own —nearly pushing Red Wings forward Robby Fabbri into the Bruins bench before the on-ice officials intervened.

Marchand steps on Cam Atkinson's stick —April 25, 2019

During overtime of Boston's Game 1 matchup against the Blue Jackets in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, Marchand looked to get under Columbus forward Cam Atkinson's skin by, well, breaking his equipment.

While tangled up ahead of a faceoff, Marchand stepped on the blade of Atkinson's stick, forcing the forward to grab another twig from the bench. No penalty was whistled for the infraction.

Speaking to reporters the following day, Marchand gave his take on the entire brouhaha.

"I think he was trying to dull my blade there," he said. "Send me to the room, get it sharpened. It's kind of rude of him to do."

Marchand steals Mikko Koivu's stick - Feb. 1, 2020

Marchand was ultimately whistled for interference on this play — but the sight of the Bruins winger stealing Mikko Koivu's stuck before casually tossing it away after making it back to Boston's bench — almost makes the two minutes worth it.

Marchand flexes on Nikolaj Ehlers - Jan. 31, 2020

Just a day before snagging Koivu's stick, Marchand found himself tangled up with another skater in Winnipeg's Nikolaj Ehlers.

Marchand, who was clearly displeased about Ehler's hit on him at center ice, dropped the gloves on the winger and eventually dropped him. The chirping started immediately after both were separated — with Marchand flexing his muscles at Ehlers while heading to the sin bin.

Marchand isn't a fan of Ryan Lindgren - Feb. 16, 2020

After exchanging plenty of pleasantries with Rangers defenseman (and former Bruins prospect) Ryan Lindgren during an eventual 3-1 win at Madison Square Garden, Marchand had some less-than-complimentary remarks for the young blueliner afterward.

"He's not going to be a player that's going to have a very long career," Marchand said. "I'm not overly concerned about him. ... He's a good, steady defenseman ... All the best to him, hope he does a great job. But I can't see it."

Marchand doesn't want to hear it from the 'peasants' - Jan. 14, 2020

When you're a player with a reputation like Marchand — just about any on-ice misfortune is going to be gobbled up by every hockey fan that doesn't don a spoked "B" on their sweater. As such, Marchand took a beating for this embarrassing gaffe in Boston's brutal shootout loss to the Flyers on Jan. 13 — capping off a shootout loss by whiffing on the B's final chance of the evening.

Of course, just a day later, Marchand took to Twitter to remind everyone of a certain accolade that trumps just about every embarrassing highlight:

Still, even after flexing his championship resume, Marchand still had time to address one — err, "fan" — that wanted to remind him of last night's screw-up.

A rare self-chirp — Jan. 17, 2020

Just days after his shootout gaffe in Philly, Marchand's scoring woes continued in what was ultimately a 4-1 win for Boston over the Penguins. Yes, the winger eventually buried an empty-netter late in the win, but he missed another breakaway chance earlier in the contest — losing the puck before he was able to get a shot off.

Thankfully, Marchand was able to poke fun at himself the following day online.

Marchand puts concussion spotter on blast - November 29, 2019

Marchand was not too thrilled earlier this season when he was pulled off the ice by a concussion spotter at the start of the third period of a matinee game against the Rangers. Marchand was originally dazed off a hit from Jacob Trouba in the closing minutes of the second period, but was not assessed until play resumed in the following frame.

"That's embarrassing," Marchand said. "They had 20 minutes to sit there and view the tape and call that in ... Guy up there is busy eating pizza and cheeseburgers and can't watch the game. Maybe next time he'll pull his head out of his butt and watch the game.

Marchand ultimately apologized on Twitter shortly thereafter. 

Marchand hoists Cup against Vancouver - December 15, 2013