Two-Minute Drill: Did Patriots offer Tom Brady just a 1-year deal … and is that a final offer?

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Welcome to the Two-Minute Drill, a roundup of all the (mostly) Patriots-related offseason news you need to start your Friday. Grab your mochaccino or whatever, and let's boogie...


Well, this wouldn't be an ideal way to kick-off negotiations.

WEEI's Dale Arnold (surprising, given his strong hockey and hoops ties) reported on his show Thursday (30-minute mark) what he has been told about the recent call between Bill Belichick and Tom Brady: Belichick told Brady that given his dead cap hit, they could only afford to give him a one-year deal at less than the $23 million he made last season.

That would probably explain how the call "didn't go well" to one side, and was "business as usual" to the other. I have not been able to confirm that's how the discussion went.

What do I make of it? Could there be another explanation? Is that the end of the line for negotiations?