Bedard’s Mailbag: Why the Patriots shouldn’t rebuild & what the offense would look like after Brady, QB rankings

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Excited to get our new Tuesday feature going. Received some great questions, and some were kind of one-offs. One thing you should always keep in mind: you can always send questions, comments, suggestions, complaints and virtual pints of beer to

We'll start with some Tom Brady fallout, addressing whether or not the Patriots made a mistake not drafting D.K. Metcalf and my current QB rankings.

First, we'll start with some Brady/Patriots talk should the unthinkable happen...

Greg- taking a step back and looking at the state of the AFC East, as well as how hard the Pats upcoming schedule is, and the amount of dead money they already have post March 12 from Brady and others, wouldn't it be a prudent move for the Pats to use 2020 to hit the reset button? Move on from Brady, McCourty, Chung, and as many other high-priced older players as it makes sense to do, deal off Edelman, Hightower, and actually invest in drafting and developing players (sign a few low budget high upside players that will need to be coached up before they show the performance expected, like Melafonwu). You need a rebuild to rehab the cap and the roster every 2 decades or so. — Mike from Stoneham

Thanks for the question, Mike. I get this question a lot, and I hear it on the local airwaves, and the question at the heart of this is basically two distinctly different questions: a) would Bill Belichick even entertain this, and what's in the best interest of the team? The first one almost makes the second part irrelevant. If Belichick wouldn't do the former, what's the point in even talking about the latter? That's the way I've always come down on it. That's why I don't humor hypothetical questions very much in chats — unless there's a decent possibility — I really hate wasting time on stuff that doesn't matter. Don't worry, it's not you guys ... Mrs. BSJ hears it all the time too.

First of all ... what team and coach have you been watching for the last 21 years? Has Belichick ever signaled, for one moment, that he'd be willing to punt on one season for the next? Was he doing that in