Bedard’s Mailbag 03.10.20: Suggest your questions in a new feature

Have been looking for a way to fill the Tuesday Q&A off day since the season ended. But something better than just our normal Q&A, something with a little more meat to it ... so how about a mailbag? That's original. Nobody does those, right? 😉

So here's the deal. Instead of asking for questions on Twitter or via email where I can't distinguish who our valuable members are ... I'm just going to ask for questions in the comments (if the app isn't working for you, you won't have an issue with any browser).

So send along one good, in-depth question (not six in one post ... I'll pass those by) that you want answered — can even be about journalism, previous teams/players I've covered or something off-topic — and I'll take the best 4-5 and hit you with the answers later. If I don't answer yours, recycle it in Friday's normal Q&A.