Two-Minute Drill: If Tom Brady leaves, expect Patriots to slow-play the QB market; Jimmy Graham?

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Welcome to the Two-Minute Drill, a roundup of all the (mostly) Patriots-related offseason news you need to start your Thursday. Grab your mochaccino or whatever, and let's boogie...


For a moment, let's stop guessing about what's going to happen with Tom Brady. For the record, I continue to believe that the chances are better that, at the end of all of it, he returns to the Patriots. But that percentage, in my mind, keeps shrinking.

Let's just say, for this exercise, that he does not return to the Patriots. What's likely to happen at quarterback?

From people that I've talked to, it sounds like the Patriots might very well slow-play the quarterback market (and Mike Lombardi touched on some of this with his podcast).