Bedard: Former Bengals teammate thinks Andy Dalton would be ‘good fit’ with the Patriots

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Was recently a guest on The Gym Bag podcast hosted by former NFL safety George Iloka, so I took the opportunity to ask him about the possible Tom Brady successor that everyone loves to hate: Andy Dalton.

Iloka has a unique perspective on Dalton — he competed against him in high school in the Houston area, college and was Dalton's teammate with the Bengals for six seasons.


Most people are horrified about the thought of Andy Dalton succeeding Tom Brady with the Patriots. They think Dalton is a choker, a Bengal, that they’ll never win anything with him, he’s terrible in playoffs, etc. You played against him in high school and college, you were teammates with him with the Bengals, what do you think about him?

Iloka: So to tackle the first thing, with Patriots Nation saying he’s a choker, he doesn’t win in big games … because I’ve played against him since high school down here in Houston, because I played against him in college in the NFL, Andy was always a winner. Let’s start by saying that. Went to state in high school, won bowl games in college at TCU, one season they went undefeated, went to the BCS (13-0, beat Wisconsin in Rose Bowl), went undefeated again, went to another bowl game against my undefeated Boise State team — we happened to win that one — but my point is