Two-minute Drill: Tom Brady to the 49ers would be win-win for most involved, but is it realistic?

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Welcome to the Two-Minute Drill, a roundup of all the (mostly) Patriots-related offseason news you need to start your Wednesday. Grab your lunch, and let's boogie...


Let's be clear: the best option for both the Patriots and Tom Brady is to figure out for a way to make things work for two more years. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Add a few more weapons, and it's tailor-made for Brady to slip back into his offense and rally the troops again.

Everyone remembers Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl with the Broncos ... people forget it took two years to get to one, and four years to win it. Brady is likely not going to have that kind of time, if that's what is important to him (just some fresh air and a new scene might be just as important at this point). But Kyle Shanahan (like mentor Gary Kubiak did with Manning in Denver) is smart enough to quickly adapt his offense with Brady (and that would be a true bro partnership).

So it was smart of Tom Curran to strongly mention the 49ers as a possibility in all this, even if he freely admitted there was a heavy dose of (smart) speculation. But there's a reason why San Fran was among those possible darkhorse teams that league sources said could be laying in the weeds with Brady — it makes a lot of sense.

Brady possibly gives the 49ers a better QB for one or two more years, and they can go back to finding the successor.

And, perhaps more importantly, it allows the Patriots to move on from Brady while also saving face to its fans if they can bring back Jimmy Garoppolo to succeed Brady, instead of the Andy Daltons of the NFL.

But it seems to be a longshot to happen for a few different reasons: