Bedard: How did Jimmy Garoppolo actually play, and would a Brady swap make sense?

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Now that the NFL has finally posted the GamePass film from Super Bowl LIV, we can better assess a lot of what went on in the game.

When it comes to New England, the pertinent question is, how did Jimmy Garoppolo actually play? Because perception and preconceived notions don't really account for much. The film never lies.

And the answer to that question leads into another Patriots-centric topic: would the 49ers think about signing Tom Brady and releasing Garoppolo in order to put that team over the top? I mean, they did ask Belichick, after being told no initially about a trade for Garoppolo, if Brady was available.

As for Garoppolo in this game ... he was fine for the most part, but there were several questionable decisions that he made throughout the game that will cause Kyle Shanahan to delve further into why those mistakes happened. Did they just come from inexperience and can be overcome ... or is this just part of the player Garoppolo will always be and it might not be good enough?

Let's go into the decisions, and they started on the first drive of the game:


3RD & 5 AT KC 20(08:07)