Two-Minute Drill: What if Tom Brady’s market isn’t exactly robust?

Welcome to the Two-Minute Drill, a roundup of all the (mostly) Patriots-related offseason news you need to start your Tuesday. Grab your cafe latte or whatever your weird morning drink is, and let's boogie...


A lot of the reporting (legit and otherwise) so far in the Tom Brady sweepstakes has been on the breathless side, especially from the combine.

Raiders are offering this...
Titans are expected to...
Chargers are going to back up the Brinks truck...
Lions! Tigers! Bears!

And it should be. Brady possibly leaving the Patriots after 20 years to play for another team at age 43 is a massive story.

But here's the thing: how robust is the market really going to be for Brady's services?

There's always a chance there's a team laying in the weeds that would oust their quarterback for a shot a Brady (Rams, Vikings, Broncos, Browns, 49ers, Bears would be in that category according to league sources). If I'm Brady's Camp, that's what I'm hoping for because if one or two of those teams don't emerge, then Brady might not have a lot of great options when it comes down to it.

The Titans are the big swing team, and I've long thought they were Brady's best landing spot. You swap Brady for Ryan Tannehill in the AFC Championship Game, and Brady might have won at Arrowhead again.

But the Titans might not even wait on Brady. Here's why: