Red Sox

McAdam: Second-day thoughts on the Alex Cora mess

A dull, uneventful Red Sox offseason just got a lot more interesting -- and only a month away from the start of spring training, too.

Some thoughts about what's taken place and what's ahead.

1. Finding a replacement manager will not be easy.

Tuesday evening's news that Alex Cora was out as manager of the Red Sox couldn't have totally been a surprise. A.J. Hinch was fired by Houston the day earlier, after first being suspended by MLB for the 2020 season, and surely, Cora was facing a longer, stiffer bit of discipline once MLB's investigation into the 2018 Red Sox is completed.

Yes, the Red Sox could have waited, but that seemed like a pointless exercise, with Cora dangling uncomfortably in the interim. So the Sox thought it best to rip the Band-Aid off completely.

Now what?

The Sox could turn to someone like Ron Roenicke as a truly interim choice, but I don't get the sense, capable as he may be, that he would be the club's idea of a long-term solution.

But depending on the timing, the Sox might have to stay with Roenicke for a while -- perhaps even all of 2020. Here's why: