The Quest for 7: Recapping the win over the Bills and other Patriots news, links & updates 12.23.19

Morning! Welcome to The Quest for 7, where volunteer writer, Steven Viner, scours the net for seven Patriots related articles from other sites offering different points of view on the six-time champs. Paid subscribers not only get to read all seven, but they also get to check out his always fiery "Steve's Soapbox" at the end.

1. Over the past six games, the Anti-Patriots guild has crowed and danced around Tom Brady's corpse. Until Saturday, when the Jason Vorhees of quarterbacks sat up, silencing the joyous party, and reinstilled the familiar fear that has haunted the other 31 team's fanbase for nearly 20 years. Greg Bedard has reported recent signs of life in his Patriots' offense takes baby steps article, before Brady and company's 414-yard return from the dead performance against Buffalo's 2nd ranked defense. Judy Battista of gives her own take on how the Patriots' offense finds identity in division-clinching win over Bills.

2. Speaking of monsters. That same Anti-Patriots guild would also have you believe that Patriots owner Robert Kraft is a villainous scoundrel. Funny, on top of donating millions every year to charity, check out this short, feel-good piece by Scooby Axson of Sports Illustrated on what Mr. Kraft did for 17+ Parkland families, who fell victim to the tragic Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shootings. Yeah, real bad guy. Kraft is human. He isn't perfect ... just like no one else is.

3. Not everyone outside of New England is counting the Patriots out. Keeping up with my Pats-are-back-from-the-dead theme, this Win Over Bills Shows How Brady and Edelman Will Not Let the Patriots Die piece by Mike Freeman of the Bleacher Report will have you one-upping Bills fans and their jumping-through-tables schtick by running through a brick wall.

4. As it is with all four of the major sports, the NFL Pro Bowl voting process continues to prove it's nothing more than a who-has-a-bigger-name/popularity contest. Matt Dolloff of 98.5 The Sports Hub touches on how the Patriots reacted to their biggest Pro Bowl snubs. New England — who boast an all-time clutch receiver having a career year and a historic defense when you compare their numbers to the 85 Bears and 2000 Ravens — are a little perturbed at the lack of players who can't add "2019 Pro-Bowl selection" to their resume. In a recent piece, our own Greg Bedard also brings up some great points in why the neglect of this honor matters.

5. If you'd like a look at the possibilities and potential crazy scenarios that could take place this post-season in the NFL, (Spoiler alert! Patriots play a part) check out The Ringer's Danny Heifetz article on The Most Chaotic NFL Playoffs Still Possible, Ranked. Greg Bedard also brought a little clarity to how the playoff field is taking shape with his article explaining no top seed, but the Patriots get good news from the Steelers' loss.

6. It doesn't matter if Brady plays until he's 60 and wins seven more Super Bowls. There will always be idiots out there like