Bedard: Patriots offense takes baby steps that could be ruined if Edelman’s knee gives out

(Getty Images)

The only thing you can definitively say about the Patriots' offense after their 34-13 victory over the Bengals is this:

New England's offensive personnel is currently so bad that, in order to secure a victory against a 1-12 team to end a two-game losing streak, the coaching staff allowed an obviously compromised Julian Edelman to take the field, putting the rest of his season, career and the ultimate success of this team in danger.

Actually, that's what will be the epitaph of this team should it fall short of defending its Super Bowl title. Oh, right, and, "Thanks, Tom. Good luck in your future endeavors."

Other than that, the Patriots' offense was a mixed bag. The important thing was that it began to take the small, incremental steps, that we talked about last week, needed to become a viable offense in time for the divisional round of the playoffs.

Will that mean it will, similar to last season, start to gain confidence that rolls into the postseason and gives them enough ammunition to win a Super Bowl title with Stephon "Deion Sanders" Gilmore and the rest of the defense limiting the opponent and outscoring them?

Maybe. Who knows? But at least they'll have a chance.

This is how it happens.