Bedard: How the Patriots rode team run blocking, Jakob Johnson & Tom Brady to right offensive ship

(Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

If you just went by the offensive numbers after the Patriots turned a 9-7 halftime lead against the winless Redskins into a 33-7 rout on Sunday, it wouldn't take a master's degree in football to declare the Patriots won that game because they ran the ball better in the second half.

First half rushing: 7 carries, 19 yards, 2.7 average.
Second half rushing (before Tom Brady was removed): 15 carries, 102 yards, 6.8 average.

Sure, the way the Patriots ran the ball certainly helped. But how they did it, how new fullback Jakob Johnson factored in and, oh right, some really good football from Brady gave the Patriots the edge they needed to put the pieces back together offensively, after a stretch of really dreadful football.

The second half? That was more like it — and the Patriots didn't need a wide assortment of #weaponz to get it done (ok, the Redskins not being good helped too).

How did they do it? Let's go over a nine of the key plays (with explainer videos included) starting with the first third down, when Brady stopped worrying about the pressure around him and just started making plays.

13:45 3Q: T.Brady pass short right to J.White to WAS 49 for 21 yards (F.Moreau).

It certainly helped that Josh Gordon accidentally picked the player who was supposed to be in man coverage against James White, but Redskins CB Josh Norman recognized what was going on and dropped off into coverage against White on the wheel route.

What stood out about this play was Brady