Bedard’s Breakdown: Not to excuse his performance, but Tom Brady might have his own agenda in target selection vs. Bills

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No, a viewing of the game film didn't change my overall viewpoint that — notwithstanding what the defense did against the modern-day equivalent of Tim Tebowthe Patriots' offense had one of their worst performances that I've ever witnessed. In fact, it might have been worse on film.

All around, it was poor. And it started with Tom Brady.

From very early in the game, in fact on three of his first throws, Brady showed some questionable decision-making that was somewhat reminiscent of last season when he just wasn't seeing the field well. And we'll get into those, with videos and diagrams and again touch on the biggest issues with the Patriots' offense (hint: it has nothing to do with pass protection), but the way Brady conducted himself in this game left me with another possibility for his shoddy play against an excellent and fast Bills defense.